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February 22, 2012

Bermeja: The lost island in the Gulf of Mexico


In Google Maps appears Bermeja Island, a small rock located about 100 miles north of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, but in reality the island is missing and no trace of it.

Various exploratory missions have come to where it should be assumed that, guided by data from the sailors and cartographers found and described in the past, and the result was always the same: NO EVIDENCE OF ITS EXISTENCE.

The enigma, in principle, there should be more geopolitical significance. This is a rock with no apparent importance. But the value associated with the island Bermeja is incalculable. Not because of what it contains, but for what it determines.

If found, would move to the northern boundary of the territorial waters of Mexico bordering the U.S., which would allow Mexicans take over the sovereignty of four-fifths of the area of ​​western donut hole, a region Gulf of Mexico with large reserves of oil, gas and minerals.

The question of the mysterious disappearance of Bermeja Island became the capital at the end of last century, when Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo was negotiating with U.S. President Bill Clinton, a treaty on the delimitation of the Continental Shelf.

Mexico had already made diplomatic moves in the UN to ensure control of the Hoya de la Dona. The spearhead of the Mexican position was Bermeja island, but when in 1997 pulled out of negotiations, it turned out that was not where all the maps come from placing the sixteenth century.

With so surprising loss, the Mexican government ordered a military mission that locate the island. It was a lot of money and a lot of territory which was at stake.

The Navy ship "Onjuku" traveled to the latitude indicated on the maps to corroborate the existence of the island. The sonar "Onjuku" could not find traces of the supposed island wide radius around the coordinates indicated.

Finally, Zedillo and Clinton signed the agreement on November 28, 2000, leaving the area of ​​interest and the wealth of its funds under U.S. control. Some estimates put at more than 22,000 million barrels oil that Mexico lost to be deprived of the Gulf area that bears his name.

The case of Bermeja Island especulacines fed all sorts of conspiracy. Many did not understand how a piece of land first mentioned in 1570 and mentioned in official publications as late as 1946 he had suddenly evaporated.

A group of senators of the opposition PAN demanded the opening of a formal investigation, while growing the voices pointing to startling theories. It was said that the CIA would have flown the island and even pointed to the collusion of the negotiators of the treaty by Mexico to the interests of the United States.

The legislators who demanded an official inquiry about said that "there is ample suspicion that immersion was caused by the influence of man." The environment question was: "Are the Americans able to have sunk the island to keep the oil? '.

The scientists would answer. Jaime Urrutia, of the Institutes of Geophysics, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), said that with a hydrogen bomb could be made an island disappear, but considered such a possibility highly unlikely in this case. Yeah said that small islands may disappear as a result of erosion caused by waves.

The issue ended up being the subject of a parliamentary inquiry, whose leaders commissioned a report to the UNAM. In 2009, the university ship "Justo Sierra" repeated the voyage of the "Onjuku" to finish drawing the same conclusions.

In that place there is no trace of that island or has ever existed. The missions have visited the site and have probed the seafloor is described as a plain, so it is possible that in these latitudes was no island before.

The official scientific explanation, which was endorsed by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), is that the island never existed or was Bermeja confused with another.

Far from buying the versions point to the machinations of the U.S. secret services, the idea prevails that the mystery is due to an error map that has been perpetuated over the centuries.

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