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February 24, 2012

Researchers discover that the fear of fish smells like sugar


When a fish is damaged warning to other exuding a substance known as Schreckstoff ('things that go bump' in German).

Previously not known composition, but now scientists have discovered that this is a special type of sugar found in abundance in the skin of fish. The corresponding study was carried out by a group of researchers from Singapore and Switzerland.

To clarify the nature of the 'substance alertadora', the study authors conducted a series of experiments on fish Danio rerio originating from Southeast Asia, often used in aquariums.

The researchers added water inhabited by these fish several chemicals that are usually on the skin of these animals and observed their behavior.

The researchers found that the Schreckstoff contains chondroitin (complex carbohydrate whose molecules are composed of tens, hundreds or thousands of monosaccharide molecules) and found that the fish began to shake and hide in the bottom of the aquarium to feel the presence of a this saccharide mixture.

The Schreckstoff sugar and these fragments are recorded in a specific part of the fish brain, located in the olfactory bulb, allowing you to say that the fear of fish 'smell' like sugar.

"The results provide the solution to a puzzle of 70-year history: the true nature of this alarm," said the professor of the University of Singapore Suresh Jesuthasan. However, for scientists remains an unsolved mystery: why fish emanate danger signal if this brings no benefit to the sender.

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