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February 25, 2012

Researchers predict that coral reefs could be extinct in 2050


The report 'Reefs at Risk Revisited', made by experts in environmental conservation reveals that only urgent action to restrict overfishing and stop global warming, the planet is at risk of losing coral reefs forever, to the year 2050.

The warming of the seas caused by climate change, carbon dioxide pollution, maritime transport and excessive fishing, along with the urbanization of the coastal zone, are destructive to corals if they continue at the same rate of disappearance, are in danger of extinction to within about forty.

Corals are not only an attraction for tourists from the beaches of the Indian Ocean and Asia. Without them, millions of coastal dwellers will be deprived of an important source of income, while the coasts lose the natural protective barrier against storms. Not to mention the ecosystem, as a third of all marine species depend on the existence of corals.

According to scientists, to improve the situation must immediately make severe cuts in fishing and limit emissions of carbon dioxide.

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