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February 11, 2012

Scientists achieve record at 'chupacabras' marine


For the first time scientists have witnessed the moment when a giant shark eats the other, and managed to record the fact on a reef in Australia.

The Order is a carpet shark ('Eucrossorhinus dasypogon') that usually flatten your body, and with a color that blends with the surrounding environment, and spends most of the time resting on the ocean floor.

Normally, small fish were fed or invertebrate, however, manages to dislocate the jaw with the aim to swallow larger prey.

Exactly that's what happened to a bamboo shark brown banda ('Chiloscyllium punctatum') to meet him.

The researchers, who captured the image for a visual census of reef fish in Australia and subsequently published in the journal 'Coral Reef', described the meeting as "the shark eats the shark."

Scientists report that during the observation period that lasted about 30 minutes, neither shifted animals, which means that the carpet shark would have taken at least several hours to completely consume their prey.

According to the scientists write, it was known that this phenomenon occurred, but the evidence had been obtained after examining the stomachs of sharks inside carpets.

However, images taken are the first visual record of this phenomenon.

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