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February 15, 2012

Scientists argue that life could have been born in the volcanic lakes


The first primitive cells could have been given life in freshwater lakes and warmed and fed by micronutrient prehistoric geothermal sources. The hypothesis is in Russian and American scientists who published an article on this subject in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences'.

Most geologists and evolutionary biologists believe that life on Earth in its modern form originated in the primordial ocean waters that once covered most of the planet's surface.

It is believed that the ocean contained a large number of amino acids and other elements 'gave life' to the first living cells.

The group of geologists and evolutionary biologists led by the Russian Yevgeny Kunin, National Institute of Health in Bethesda (Maryland), offered a new argument for an alternative theory according to which life was 'born' in freshwater lakes , heated by hot water and steam from geothermal sources.

For the experiment the scientists 'moved' the volcanoes of the waters 'salty' to freshwater lakes in parts of land that existed in the early history of Earth.

They then compared the chemical composition of the cells with a set of elements in the geothermal water current lakes.

It turned out that the volcanic lakes were the most favorable areas for life. As the researchers, only in these waters were developed sufficient conditions for the formation of the basic structures of proteins and other important molecules that form the basis of the cell.

According to scientists, these lakes were formed after the interaction of water that reaches the Earth with meteorites in depth.

Water in its 'transfer' to the deeper layers collected ions of potassium, sodium and other important elements, and returned with them in the form of geothermal steam, which eventually was deposited into the lake.

Geologists believe that these conditions could exist stably for many millions of years.

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