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February 24, 2012

Spectacular lobster caught in U.S.


An impressive 12-kilogramoss lobster was caught in the U.S., have nicknamed Rocky and can boast of being one of the largest lobsters that have ever seen.

Rocky is more than a meter long and with these dimensions, nobody is surprised to have name of a boxer.

This lobster was caught by a fisherman, Robert Malone, in Atlantic waters that bathe the state of Maine, northeastern United States. Although the owner could bring a fortune, Malone has had the willingness to donate to the state aquarium Bootbay Harbor.

However, measures have not reached Rocky's record in power with plenty of slack for a copy caught in Nova Scotia that weighed over 18 kilograms. Anyway, our hero can be proud, because so far the largest member of the aquarium that will go not reach the 2 kilogramoss.

A Rocky expect, then, a long and successful life with this egregious size. The industry also is suffering the effects of the crisis that is causing a decline in the price of this precious seafood. According to AP, in 2010 were captured only in Maine more than 42 million kilos, with a turnover of 300 million, approximately.

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