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February 8, 2012

Stunning images of a 12-meter whale shark in Pakistan


Pakistani fishermen found dead at a whale shark that mediates more than twelve meters in the coastal port city of Karachi Pakistan in the Arabian Sea.

The Pakistani television broadcast images of a curious crowd that rushed to the port to see what drew the heavy water animal.

The owner of the farm Charai, where the shark was not too sorry for the fish and sold it for 1.7 million rupees ($ 18,755), about 20 times more than expected to get at first.

The whale shark is considered the largest fish that exists and can sometimes grow to over 12 meters long.

According to Animal Facts and Feats book, a sort of Guinness World Records of animals, the largest specimen ever recorded was captured in 1947, also near Karachi, and measured 12'65 meters long and weighed 21.5 tons.

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