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February 19, 2012

Stunning images of shark attacking a hagfish


The most striking quality of the hagfish is its ability to expel a "jelly" when attacked by a predator, this is possible because there are hundreds of pores on your skin with the quality of secreting a viscous material and sticky when animal is bitten or bothered.

In this video you can see how your defense mechanism when attacked by a shark and later by other marine predators :


Hagfish are among the most primitive living vertebrates and some scientists disagree in their classification as vertebrate skull as though they have no spine.

Besides lacking jaws and instead have a "double language" with teeth that attach to their prey, often feeding on the viscera of larger animals, sometimes introduced to roerlos live specimens, but usually feed on carrion.

Perceived by taste buds located on their skin, have only one nostril and his eyes are very rudimentary, and in any case its habitat in the deep sea, make it difficult to view as the sun barely.

His main heart has two chambers, and they can have up to 5 additional hearts: 2 quarters, 2 volumes and a portal. These animals are elongated, similar in appearance to the lampreys or eels.

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