Jeff Bezos has been located the rocket engines of ''Apollo 11'' at the bottom of the Atlantic|Seabed Abysmal z35W7z4v9z8w

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March 30, 2012

Jeff Bezos has been located the rocket engines of ''Apollo 11'' at the bottom of the Atlantic

Jeff Bezos ,the founder of e-commerce company Amazon, has been located at the bottom of the Atlantic the rocket engines that led to the Apollo 11 space, the ship that brought the first man on the moon in 1969.

On his personal blog, Bezos explained that, thanks to the techniques of exploitation by sonar, found the "five huge engines" to about 4,300 meters deep. Following the discovery, the employer, an enthusiast for space exploration, explained that his intention is to get all the engines to the surface to see what the state where they are.

"No word yet on what conditions may be the engines after hitting the ocean at a great speed, and after being in salt water for over 40 years," said Bezos.

As explained to the experts, F1 engines are found, which were used in the Saturn V rocket that brought the lander out of Earth's atmosphere and put the mission en route to the Moon.

As indicated in the reports of the flight, the engines ran a few minutes before separating from the rocket to plunge to Earth somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.Bezos has described as a "modern marvel" that generated 32 million horsepower and burned every second of his brief life some 2,700 kilograms of kerosene and liquid oxygen rocket.

"I was five when I saw on television the development of the Apollo 11 and certainly that was a big contribution to my passion for science, engineering and exploration," said on its website.

Moreover, Amazon's founder explained that he would ask permission to NASA, the owner of the engines in order to display them in the future at the Museum of Flight in Seattle (United States).

This attempt to recover the F1 engines is Bezos' first foray into the world of space technology. In 2000 he founded a private space firm, 'Blue Origin, "which has received funding from NASA and is working to make suborbital space flights for commercial purposes.

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