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March 10, 2012

The progressive sinking of Kiribati

Kiribati, an island nation that will soon disappear, experts from rising sea levels, negotiates to buy a piece of land in Fiji. The Government of this country wants to acquire 20 square kilometers to accommodate most of its population.

For these objectives, the authorities have chosen an area on the island Viti Levu, Fiji's main. Its value was estimated at 10 million.

"Our islands are sinking, and had no choice but to buy the land from neighboring countries," said President Anote Tong kiribatiano.

However, the Fijian authorities have declared that they are prepared for the massive and urgent migration of citizens of the nation's close.

Kiribati, located in central western Pacific Ocean, consists of 33 atolls and coral island and has 103,000 inhabitants. Much of the population has to concentrate on Tarawa, the largest island of the archipelago. But now the island is also at risk of disappearing.

Before the country's authorities thought of creating a giant floating platform to house the citizens, but left parked the idea by large financial costs of the project.

The cause of all the country's problems is climate change, which makes the water rising. So the people of Kiribati has become the first climate refugees affected by global warming.

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