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March 23, 2012

Spectacular underwater images of ''Titanic'' in the ocean depths

The optical technology facilitated a group of explorers of the deep ocean out the first images of the two whole sections of the Titanic. The offers readers the April issue of the magazine 'National Geographic', as part of the centenary of the wreck.

Previously, the low light of the ocean floor allowed to adopt different positions fragmentary minimally approaching the subject of the photograph.In the 25 years since the discovery of the remains of the emblematic boat managed to accumulate thousands of photos, but none was a full picture of the place where lie the wrecks.

          © RMS Titanic, Inc., produced by AIVL, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A three-dimensional navigation probe was instrumental in gathering a lot of photographic images in a single portrait. Assembled the first image showing the cover from above, under a right angle. After the Titanic was recorded from different points of view, resulting in representation of all the details of its current appearance.

                                               © RMS Titanic, Inc., produced by AIVL

Various positions to assess the damaged that the remains of the ship.

                                               © RMS Titanic, Inc., produced by AIVL

The ultrasonic probe and the photographic works were carried out in an area of ​​5 by 3 nautical miles. Because of that were located all tiny fragments lost the legendary steamship, the April 10, 1912 sailed from the British coast for four days later collide with an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

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