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April 11, 2012

NASA reveals ocean eddies on perpetual motion on Earth

NASA revealed tens of thousands of ocean currents generate images of eddies in the oceans that are in perpetual motion on Earth.

The NASA Goddard, located in Maryland, United States, was based on a synthesis of numerous models based on observed data in order to create a map with the Estimation of the Distribution of Climate of the Ocean (ECCO), the first of its kind in magnitude of information, according to its creators.

The image shows the movement of a period from June 2005 to December 2007, and combined both satellite data and measures real oceanic developed by a project called MIT.

In the images scientists confirmed how great currents as the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean and the Kuroshio in the Pacific waters are warm across thousands of miles at speeds up to four miles per hour [six miles time].

In the case of coastal currents, such as Agulhas in the Southern Hemisphere, it moves the equatorial waters toward the poles of the Earth, and how thousands of other ocean currents are limited to certain regions slow moving forms and generate eddies.

To obtain the images were observed height of the sea surface, the surface topography of the ocean, satellite altimeters, the severity of recovery and reading surface wind.

We included data from the Grace mission dealing with the climate and is developed by the Air Force in Germany, studies and radiometric scanning of the space agency are incorporated japonesa.Además Argo studies assessing the state of sea ice.

"These data synthesis models are among the largest estimates of its kind ever conducted," says Space Division Jet Propulsion NASA JPL, located in California.

"They are made possible by the computing resources of high quality provided by the Research Center NASA Ames in Moffett Field, California.

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