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April 15, 2012

The new generation of underwater robotics

The new generation of underwater robotics is the current challenge of the Office of Naval Research of the U.S. Navy. Existing unmanned systems operating in water depths are controlled by small vehicles, capable of performing tasks in just a few hours.

The Office, however, undertakes to design a device that works independently over long distances at great depths with complicated relief funds. The vehicle also be able to complete tasks to several months duration.

It is expected that the ambitious program called LDUUV (English acronym for 'The Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Large Displacement' or 'unmanned underwater vehicle travel long') is complete within 4 years.

The first stage provides for test operations in a coastal area, at a depth of no more than 30 meters. The vehicle will operate in an autonomous regime, but in difficult situations, they will contact the operator via a satellite. The next phase will consist of a 'drift' completely autonomous.

According to American specialists communicate also is developing an energy supply system for this innovative submersible.

Within three years they plan to present the power block that will allow the submarine to run for 30 days. Later that promise to offer a guarantee to the 'robot' operating period of up to 70 days. The estimated weight of the block will reach 3.5 tonnes.

It is expected that the vehicle can move and activate both stable and mobile sensors, such as carrying weapons on board, if necessary.

Will focus on patrol missions, intelligence, neutralization of mines and location of submarines and manned spacecraft over long distances. According to the Office of Naval Research, the tender to design innovation will be announced in 2014.

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