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April 2, 2012

Richard Branson will explore the Puerto Rico Trench

Virgin founder Richard Branson will explore the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean with 8,800 feet below sea level, as reported by the tycoon in his blog.

Thus, emulate film director James Cameron, who last week immersed in the Mariana Trench, reaching the deepest point of ocean on Earth. Branson has been "excited" to carry out this new project and to secure "the deepest point of the Atlantic," which, as noted "has the same depth as high is Mount Everest."

For Branson, experience "will be even more exciting than Cameron" because the Puerto Rico Trench "has not been fully explored and there are numerous Spanish galleons and British who have been there." Similarly, he pointed out he expects to see "large creatures" in the area.

The adventure of the founder of Virgin Group will take about four months, compared to the hours-long experience of Cameron. In this sense, Branson has told 'Daily Thelegrah' that "in such a short trip" as the film director "can not explore or move much."

"We know that there are gigantic animals in Puerto Rico Trench, with the time that this research we can find a way to find the formula to identify and call other sub to shoot," he noted.

Asked about a possible "jealousy" to the director of Titanic, Branson said that "never wanted to dive into the Marianas Trench" but had always raised his adventure in the Atlantic. It has also indicated that the feat of his "good friend" Cameron was "obviously very historic one day and an important day, plus a fantastic example of human endeavor and determination."

Still, he has indicated he doubts that in the Mariana Trench the landscape is as barren as described by Cameron. In his view, there are many forms of life but became "scared" to see the "great lights" of the submarine used for the mission. "Nothing great was going to move a mile away with those lights," he pointed tycoon.

The Puerto Rico Trench is on the boundary between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The trench is associated with a complex transition in the subduction zone south of the Lesser Antilles and the plate that extends westward from Cuba and the island of Spanish to the Cayman Trench and the Central American coast. Scientific studies in the area have concluded that an earthquake on this fault could cause a tsunami.

Branson and Cameron are not the only millionaires starting ventures of this type. Last week, it made public the news of the discovery of the Apollo 11 rocket motors at the bottom of the Atlantic. Following this discovery is the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

In addition, the president of Intentional Software Corporation, Charles Simonyi, embarked on two trips 'tourism' to the International Space Station (ISS), the last in 2009. But it is the only moguls Mark Shuttleworth, Dennis Tito and Richard Garriott, among others, have also managed to travel to space module with the company 'Space Adventures'.

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