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June 20, 2012

Alaska’s Lake Monster ‘Illie’ Identified?

Although Nessie has become arguably the world’s most popular lake monster, many other lakes around the world have their own legends and sightings. Lake Illiamna in Alaska’s southwest region is just one of those lakes with an unidentified creature affectionately nicknamed ‘Illie’.

The 80 mile long, 22 mile wide lake on the north end of the Alaska Peninsula started receiving sighting reports in the 1940′s when pilots called in a large creature coming to the surface large enough to be visible from high altitudes of flight.

Within the first three decades of reports, so many sightings had been reported of a dark aluminum colored creature approximately 30 feet long, that a local newspaper offered a $100,000 reward to anyone able to provide evidence of the creature’s existence, however, no one stepped forward in the allotted time frame.

Now, a local biologist and senior scientist by the name of Bruce Wright says he believes the creature to be nothing more than a sleeper shark. Where he even begins to question himself is that while the description of the creatures observed to seem to match a sleeper shark, no one knows if they can survive in fresh water and the behavior of the animal coming to the surface during daylight does not match typical sleeper shark habits.

On the other hand, the animals have been found in inlets of Alaska (see video below) and could have ended up when it was still once a part of the ocean itself.While it all still remains a mystery, Wright now vows to locate and identify the creature and then move on to Nessie herself in Scotland and put that legend to rest once and for all.

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