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June 20, 2012

Strange Creature Found on Beach

A strange alien-like creature was discovered on the shores of Panama by 4 teenagers who claimed this horrifying beast came out of the water and started to attack them. The 4 kids attacked back with sticks fending for their lives. They managed to kill the disturbing creature and snapped a photo of it before retreating back to the city.

They went to the local news station where they told their story and shared the picture of the dangerous creature. The story appeared on TV and was a hot topic around the internet before speculation arose.

Where did it come from? Was this alien beast real? The answer is? No.The creature was later identified as a dead sloth. The sloth had already started to decompose and had lost all of it's hair making its skin appear leather and smooth.

This isn't the first story that has taken the internet by storm. The story of a strange creature called the "Montauk Monster" that washed up on the shores of East Coast USA has left many to wonder just what types of strange animals remain undiscovered on our planet and beyond.

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