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June 8, 2012

Video: Shark devouring a giant squid

Al McGlashan stab fishing with his boat in southeastern Australia when he ran into a really unusual scene: a shark devouring a giant squid. It was the corpse of a young cephalopod four meters unexpected feast that served a copy of blue shark.

An unusual encounter that was picked up by the watchful camera of the journalist from the Daily Telegraph. After seeing the pictures I've been bitten by curiosity and, remembering the old films of Harryhausen monsters, I have wondered how the battle would have been if the giant squid had been alive ...

What would an actual encounter between a shark and a giant squid? To answer this question I have chosen to contact Juan Ignacio Pérez, Professor at the UPV / EHU and one of the most interesting popularizers of nature that you can find online. We answer the physiologist who, at first glance, the fight might seem balanced, but appearances are deceiving.

Conflicts between sharks and giant squid are quite scarce since they live in very different depths. Keep in mind that the giant squid live even below 3,000 meters, a depth unattainable for sharks. Even so, ignoring the difference in areas where they live each other, the size is the question on this issue.

An adult giant squid reaches about 12 meters, with a size and a shark has nothing to do even more likely is that the shark end up becoming the prey of the squid. In nature, size does matter and only a few can cope with these giant squid.

This is the case of sperm whales who do have between your diet thanks to its large size and also the possibility to dive to great depths and hunt using their echolocation system.

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