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March 31, 2017

12 Senior Citizens Still Rockin It

From an 80 year old skateboarder to a 105 year old cyclist with a world record, here are 12 Senior Citizens Still Rockin It. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 7. Lloyd Kahn You see kids skateboarding around neighborhoods all the time like it’s no big deal. Others have a little bit more of a difficult time with coordination and balance to bother. But 81 year old Lloyd Kahn proves age is just a number and if you’re good at something, keep doing it. Kahn is an editor in chief for Shelter Publications. He also runs a blog. In addition to have full time jobs, he writes, is a photographer, and is a big advocate of sustainable architecture. He’s very active for someone over 80, or even over 60 for that matter. You’ll find lots of pictures of him skateboarding with ease, as he makes it a goal to maintain being active, despite his busy schedule and many passions. 6. Jacqueline “Taja” Murdock Many women are proving over and over again beauty and age can coexist side by side with no limitations. Jacqueline Murdock used to dance at the famous Apollo when she was younger and models well into her 80s. And it’s not just lesser known catalog design brands either that she works for. She modeled for well known fashion brand Lanvin in 2012 and still had all the fierceness Tyra Banks is always trying to whip into young men and women on America’s Next Top Model. They could learn a thing or two from Murdock. 5. Shen Hua This is Shen Hua from China, who at 94 years old is hitting the gym more frequently than most 20 something year olds do. If you’re ever feeling in need of some motivation to get off the couch and go work out, take into consideration that Shen Hua was 70 years old when he first started working out regularly. And by regularly, he says he works out at least an hour every day. Photos of him hitting the internet had many calling him “Muscle Grandpa.” He even tells himself to “not go too hard” because he’s old, which is saying something since most people at least 30 years or more his junior probably tell themselves the same thing. His determination to stay fit and his internet notoriety has motivated his son and daughter-in -law to work out, too. 4. Joan Didion You probably are familiar with the name Joan Didion if you’re an avid reader. Didion is a well-known and well accomplished American author who has published both journalistic articles and novels. On top of her literary accolades, Didion can add “designer fashion brand model” to the list. She was recently featured in fashion brand Celine’s ad campaigns 2 years ago, as seen in this editorial. It’s even more impressive considering Celine is a brand that’s quite in with the youth culture, as their handbags are donned by many of the young celebrities of the modern day. 3. Paul Fegen If there’s anything to take away from this list, it’s that, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s never too late to pursue what you really want in life. As evident by the life led by Paul Fegen, who left his law firm to become, as you can see, a magician. He goes by the name “The Fantastic Fig.” He was in his late 70s when he decided to go down the magic route. After some hurdles late into his law career, he’d had enough and thought he’d be much more fulfilled and happy to do magic for the time being, especially after being disbarred. In spite of this, he’s managed to have some holding being a magician, and seems all the happier for it. 2. Jenny Kee From the land down under is 70 year old Jenny Kee, as Australian fashion designer who looks only about 40 and is still wonderfully stylish. She moved to London during the 60s, at the height of 60s mod culture. A decade ago, she even released an autobiography entitled A Big Life. And that’s exactly what Kee leads. 1. Robert Marchand French cyclist Robert Marchand is from Amiens, France and was born during the First World War. So not only is he 105 years old, but he was also a firefighter during the 30s, when most young people’s grandparents and great grandparents were born. He’s been cycling for most of his life and when he was in his 30s, even finished in the top 10 during the Grand Prix des Nations in the 1940s. Marchand has a lot of experience to put as his list, as 105 years will typically get you. He was a POW during WW2, the longest serving member of the CGT Trade Union, moved to Canada and worked as a lumberjack (a little like Wolverine in that one movie), and was a wine dealer in the 80s. His most recent accomplishment was when he set a world record for the over 105 years old group during a cycling race in January 2017.

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