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March 20, 2017

AMAZING Things You Didn't Know About Animals

From Tiger Skin to Goat and Sheep eyes here are AMAZING Things You Didn't Know About Animals. Who would of thought? Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 8. Tiger Skin Unlike other colorful-furred animals, the stripes on a tiger’s fur is also indicative of what it’s skin looks like. Not only is their fur striped, but so is their bare skin.The stripes help the predators in the wild and make them hard to see, which is great when they’re on the hunt. Underneath the deceptive cover is just more stripes. What’s even more interesting is that the stripes act like fingerprints for the wildcats, as no two tigers have identical stripes at all.So it might not even matter if a tiger loses it’s fur sometimes. They hunt at night and are already difficult to spot when they want to remain hidden. 7. Oyster Gender This would be quite useful for humans, actually. Depending on what’s in demand during mating season, oysters are known to change their gender at least once to fit those needs. It might seem odd for a lot of people to conceptualize, but it’s really handy in a Darwinistic environment. 6. Smart Cows Recent studies show that cows are quite good at figuring things out and solving problems, which is smarter than most people would give them credit for. This cow jumping over the hurdle is Luna, who was trained by her owner Regina Mayer trained her to do tricks like a horse would. Since cows are actually pretty good at figuring things out, the task was not an impossible feat. The Mayers live in the German countryside near Austria. Lots of training and rewards later, Luna can now go on long rides and jump over hurdles--which is more than a lot of humans can do. Cows are shown to be quite perceptive creatures, although in popular western culture, they’re seen as big, dumb animals that get confused when pushed over. 5. Spiders In the World 1 million per acre of land on earth is the estimated number of spiders. It does, however, change from landscape to landscape. In green areas especially, there’s an estimated 50,000 spiders per green area of land. So you might want to think twice about laying in the grass. 4. The Housefly Hum Houseflies apparently hum in the key of F. Lots of insects produce sound due to the vibration of their wings. Every insect with wings produces a certain frequency, a different sound. It doesn’t necessarily mean that annoying fly that somehow got into your room is going to be rocking to “What’s My Age Again?” anytime soon. But if you’ve got a super keen ear, then some insects might sound more familiar than others. 3. Dolphin Names A study published in 2013 showed that dolphins have “signature whistles” when calling to each other, which would be a dolphin’s version of a name. Now, the study only suggests this is what’s occurring, as nothing has been able to be fully evident of the fact. The idea was suggested after learning the unique way dolphins communicate, through learned signals, is very close to how humans communicate. After all, dolphins are supposed to be one of the most intelligent creatures. 2. Goat and Sheep eyes Goats and sheep have rectangular pupils. This helps them to see much more accurately than animals with round pupils, like humans. Think of it like a panoramic view. Having rectangular, horizontal pupils help animals like goats and sheep see their surroundings much clearer, which is needed when you’re not exactly a top predator or predatory animal at all. Strong Spider Silk While it’s not true that the spider silk of a species of spiders found in Madagascar is stronger than steel, it is true that is the strongest biological material known to man.Malagasy Spiders spin huge webs like this one this man came across in the forest. A study done in the last decade shows that the silk is incredibly tough, and flexible on top of that. According to the study, the silk spun by Malagasy Spiders is supposed to be tougher than kevlar--you know, what Batman’s suit is made out of? With these scientific developments, there’s hope for durable materials that can also be light weight.

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