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April 19, 2017

12 Oddest Tourist Attractions In The World

From a robot restaurant to a whole island with strange and creepy dolls, here are 12 Oddest Tourist Attractions In The World. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 6. Hajime Restaurant The future is now. At least, it is at the Hajime Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. Lapassarad Thanaphant put in $1 million to help get this project off the ground. At the Hajime, you can be served by 4 robots, who also have the ability to dance (which you can’t always say for a lot of real people). 5. Leila’s Hair Museum A trip to Independence, Missouri could take you to the infamous Leila’s Hair Museum. Despite the name, the hair here does not belong solely to Leila Cohoon, the retired cosmetology teacher who runs the museum. Being skilled and completely knowledgeable in things that have to do with hair, Leila opened the hair museum in 1986 as a small room part of her cosmetology school. Once the museum moved a few blocks down, she was able to expand closer to the collection you would see today, which is a newer location with more rooms- frames of hair lining the walls from floor to ceiling. There are over 600 hair wreaths part of the museum’s collection, as well as more than 2,000 pieces of jewellry that also implement hair in some way. 4. The Happy Clown Restaurant Anyone who has a fear of clowns, beware. While the yelp reviews at The Happy Clown Restaurant in Leavenworth, Washington are rather positive and the food is supposed to actually be good, if you’re irrationally afraid of clowns (or rationally, depending how you look at it) then this isn’t the place for you. With it’s run-down looking signs, The Happy Clown Restaurant looks anything but a happy place to be, at least on the outside. Here, it is clowns that come and serve you, and apparently they’re really good at it, too. With the creepy clown sightings happening in the past year, perhaps visiting a place like this seems a little too creepy for some. However, for anyone looking to do something different, this kitschy restaurant might be just the place. 3. The Mystery Spot If it’s weird and confusing, then chances are people from all over the world are going to come and try to see it themselves. Such is the case with The Mystery Spot, a tourist attraction located near the city of Santa Cruz, California. After opening in 1941, The Mystery Spot has hosted many visitors over the years for its popular visual illusions that people can immerse themselves into. It was designed on what is known was a “gravity hill” which provokes a certain tilting feeling when walking through the structures built there. An environment like this makes for some strange perceptions of reality, since apparently even standing level outside, when all your surroundings are tilted, it seems there’s no escape from the bent dimension until you completely leave The Mystery Spot. 2. The UFO Watchtower Part of a gift shop in Hooper, Colorado, this highly visited UFO Watchtower is a favorite spot for those who believe in the extraterrestrial and hope to get a sight in for themselves. Whatever it is about the landscapes out west that invoke the feeling of aliens watching over you, having a UFO watchtower proved to be quite the venture. It has a 360 degree view that overlooks the San Luis Valley, which is a lot of desert, so no trees to obstruct your view. Created by Judy Messoline nearly twenty years ago, it’s a spot that’s appeared in countless news and topics of discussion--even being featured in books and documentaries that pertain to UFO sightings. And it’s supposedly in a prime location since there’s no light pollution around, either. 1. Island of the Dolls The Island of the Dolls in Mexico comes with a dark and haunting history. Julian Santana Barrera came to this secluded forest to be able to live alone and far enough from too many people. But when he discovered the body of a young girl and her doll in the canal in the area, he decided to hang the doll--and then started to hear wails and footsteps after he did so. That’s how the famous Island of the Dolls was born, and it looks like a place that would have a backstory like that, too. While he never meant for the place to become a tourist attraction, far from it, people still visit from all over the world to see the eerie sight with their own eyes.

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