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April 21, 2017

12 Weirdest Things That Fell From The Sky

From fish tumbling down in India to actual money falling to earth in Indonesia, here are the 12 Weirdest Things That Fell From The Sky. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 6. Fish Small fish were found on the ground in a village in Sri Lanka after falling from the sky one spring in 2012. A strong wind was thought to be the cause of the this particular fish rain, as it usually is. The wind lifted water and fish from a nearby river, showering the small fish over the village--much to the delight of those who lived there as it was a type of fish that’s commonly eaten. Earlier that same year, “prawn rain” had descended from above in Sri Lanka as well. You might not think it, but apparently fish fall from the sky all the time. Whether it be from the weather or birds dropping their lunch, it’s not that uncommon of an occurrence. Similar incidents have happened in different countries around the world, such as in a deserted town in the Tanami Desert in Australia in 2004 and then again in 2010. 5. Transformers A transformer fell on a car. After you’ve gotten that “Revenge of the Fallen” joke out of the way, you can hear what apparently happened. Due to a weak structure, this transformer had fallen from a pole and onto someone’s car in Pakistan. Not much else known as to what happened afterward, only that this picture circulated the internet shortly after. 4. Frogs Biblical explanations for frogs falling from the sky often doesn’t mean good things for those in the narrative. However, frogs quote un quote falling from the sky nowadays usually means a water spout carried them up and over into a different idea. Admittedly, seeing dozens if not hundreds of any kind of animal falling from the sky can be a bit scary, so it makes sense people were alarmed in the streets of Germany hundreds of these tiny frogs stormed the pavement. 3. Cows If you don’t believe this story at first, you’re not the only ones. In the olden year of 1997, Japanese fishers were rescued at sea by Russian authorities after they explained a cow fell from the sky, wrecking the boat and stranding them. Of course, no one believed them at first and the fishermen were detained for the time being for spewing such an incredulous story. However, it was then reported that air force members took a cow on board the plane--which was a disastrous idea to say the least. So as to not risk the safety of the aircraft, they had to dump the cow from the plane, which is when it must have landed onto the boat of the fishermen below. The fishermen were released, thankfully, since it was evident they were not making up the story of a cosmic cow falling from the sky. This is definitely not the first case of a cow falling from the sky to be reported. Even more recently in 2007, married couple Lina and Charles Everson dodged a cow falling from the sky while they were driving their minivan through Washington. The cow had apparently fallen from a cliff. 2. Cremora For those of you who aren’t big on coffee, Cremora is a non-dairy creamer. Back in 1969, the factory that manufactured Cremora had malfunctioning exhaust vents. This led to creamer flying out of the vents and into the air outside--making it seem like it was snowing non-dairy creamer. Imagine talking a walk past the Borden company building and probably thinking it was snowing that afternoon. This was something that happened once in awhile, which meant it now only would snow non-dairy creamer, but when rain fell from the sky, the Cremora would turn the rain drops into liquid. Eventually, in the 1990s, Borden would get fined about $4000 for any Cremora that would end up outside the proximity of the plant. 1. Money Someone literally made it rain in that sense. Money has rained down from the sky many times, just probably not as much as most people would like. In 2008, a businessman threw 100 million rupiah over a soccer pitch in Serang City, Indonesia. He did so as part of a marketing gimmick for his latest motivational book, though he did say he wanted to share the wealth he accumulated and thus threw the money over one of the reportedly poorest parts of the city. In a different instance in Indianapolis, USA this past year, dollar bills fell from the sky much to the delight of Indianapolis pedestrians. The $1 notes were traced back to be flying off the roof of a building and it’s still not clear exactly where it came from, exactly.

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