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April 18, 2017

15 Highly Absurd Vehicles

From the odd Turf Bug to the ever inviting dining table car, here are 15 Highly Absurd Vehicles. Have you seen anything like these cars? Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 8. The Turf Bug Rick Griffiths is the co-owner of synthetic lawn company, Dream Turf, as well as the designer and owner of this 1974 VW Super Beetle that he’s covered completely (aside from the windows, of course) in the Dream Turf Tri-Color synthetic grass his company provides customers with. Over the course of 3 months, the project was well on its way to being completed and showcased, with at least 120 hours of work put into the whole process. And all inside Griffiths’s garage. It’s chockful of adhesive and screws to keep it together, so who knows how this grass car would hold up. 7. The LimoJet For those out there who are more affluent, or for everyone who daydreams about being that rich one day, this combines two of the kind of transportation most synonymous with having that much money: a limousine and a private jet. Dan Harris is the creator of this chimera of a car, called the LimoJet. It was built starting with a 1974 Lear jet fuselage and was redesigned into a limo. So this wasn’t just clever sculpting or a prop jet placed over wheels. It truly is a LimoJet. At 11 feet high and 42 feet long, it’s still bigger than most limos. Underneath all that are 4 28-inch chrome wheels and seats 18 people. As if can’t be any more luxurious than that, there’s even a 42 inch HD plasma screen as well as a 8,000 watt sound system. 6. Stacked Beetles Although it doesn’t look like much thought was put into the overall design of this contraption of a car, we’re guessing that it takes a lot of thought at least to make sure these two Volkswagen Beetles stacked on top of each other don’t fall over. The top seat doesn’t look too comfortable, though. Volkswagen Beetles are already famous for being turned into other things, so of course someone thought of something new. 5. Banana Car When English native but American residing Steve Braithwaite made what is known as the Banana Car for himself to drive, he really had in mind that he wanted the most ridiculous car ever. Based on a 1993 Ford F-150 Pick-Up. With a license plate that reads “SPLIT” Braithwaite only had fun and a confusion factor in mind when he went ahead and came up with the idea of this open top car that he loves to drive around. It has its own social media profiles if you have the desire to look up what sorts of adventures the Banana Car is up to. 4. Monster Smart Car Is there anything more of a paradox than someone making a monster truck of out of a Smart Car. Geek Rally champion Stefan Attart had his Smart Car converted into a two-seat Monster Car, which he calls the Forfun2. It’s over 145 inches high and looks like it could take a few regular Smart Cars rolling under it. While it looks ridiculous, at least there’s someone out there that could say they’re probably never afraid of taking their Smart Car off-roading. 3. Sofa Car Not only is it a sofa that can legally cruise down the streets since it’s really a car, but it’s leopard print and it has a lamp and a coffee table to boot. Known as the Casual Lofa, it can drive up to speeds of 87 miles per hour. As for a steering wheel? It comes in a pizza pan shape, what else could it have been, to be honest? It even comes complete with a chocolate handlebar for changing the gears. What’s even more ridiculous is that it used to be the holder for record of fastest piece of furniture ever. 2. All-Terrain This vehicle was actually designed so that a bunch of people could go off roading in the forest and play video games. With a screen on the inside, you and a handful of your best gamer friends can really go at it in your strapped seats. With a large screen attached to back, anyone in the vicinity can even watch the whole ordeal go down. So who says gamers aren’t fit and active? There’s even a pair of Cannondale bikes that come off the top if you need an active break in between games. The Toyota Tacoma is even colored to look like a game console. 1. The Dining Table Car This is the newest holder of fastest piece of furniture in the world. Don’t be fooled by the entire dinner set complete with food laid out on its surface. It can drive up to speeds of 113 miles per hour. Also, don’t be fooled by the helmeted figure sitting at the head of the table. That’s not the driver--it’s just a cool prop to make the dining table car look even more outlandish than you initially thought. The table actually comes up to reveal a small structure underneath where all the mechanics are, and where the driver sits, which is somewhere under that roasted chicken. Perry Watkins is a lover of cars and an aforementioned creator of a few ridiculous ones, including this one, which, at last reported, he was trying to sell.

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