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April 19, 2017

Mystic Reveals Start Date for WWIII

A self-proclaimed clairvoyant who allegedly predicted the surprising election of Donald Trump back in 2015 claims to know when World War III will start and it's only weeks away! Texas-based mystic Horacio Villegas purportedly foresaw Trump's victory a few years ago and warned that the billionaire businessman, whom he called the "Illuminati king," would spawn WWIII following an attack on Syria. He now says that a recent prophetic dream has revealed to him precisely when this epic conflict will begin as well as when it will end. According to Villegas, the vision featured hordes of people running through the city streets as balls of fire, which he interpreted to be bombs, rained down upon them. ​Incredibly, he contends to have somehow deciphered when the long-feared global showdown that is WWIII will begin: May 13th. Source: Read here: Follow us on facebook:

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