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May 17, 2017

15 Insanely Colorful Animals

From the rare and amazing albino Koala, the breathtakingly beautiful Mandarin Fish, here are 15 Insanely Colorful Animals. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 7. Albino Koala Albinism is an occurrence present in humans and animals. While the sight of an albino animal is certainly different, this pair of koalas show that it makes no difference what you look like and that you’re loved all the same. Then again, koalas are just cute in general so seeing two koalas of different shades together is especially adorable. Onya-Birri is one of the most famous albino koalas. Born in 1997, Onya-Birri was from the San Diego zoo, and was given his name which means “ghost boy.” 6. Indian Bull Frog Though you can infer a little bit from the name, the Indian bull frog can be found all over South Asia in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. These frogs can be found enjoying the environment of freshwater wetlands instead of wetter parts of the forest. They’re not always so brightly colorful. In fact, a lot of them are a more dark green or dark yellow brownish hue. Indian bullfrogs are commercially bred in Thailand. Unlike a lot of wild animals you hear about, Indian Bullfrogs were added to a list that are a species of Least Concern according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, or the IUCN since they have such a numerous population. 5. The Amazon River Dolphin This peculiar looking toothed whale is also known as the pink river dolphin or the boto. While the thought of finding a dolphin in a river is strange, the fact that you can find these creatures in the Amazon River makes a little more sense. If you’re wondering what the reason is for Amazon River Dolphins looking so pink, it mostly just shows that the dolphin has reached a certain age. When river dolphins age, their skin becomes more and more translucent. So that pink hue you see is just their blood that’s circulating through their bodies. A little weird, sure, but according to Amazon River folk tales, river dolphins are often said to be a young man who likes to seduce young women before turning back into a dolphin when the sun comes up. Okay, still weird, but whatever. 4. Mandrill Once upon a time, Mandrills were considered more or less the same thing as baboons. They now are a part of their own genus and rightly so. They have a few distinct characteristics that are separate from baboons, which are also known for being quite colorful. Mandrills, native to tropical rainforests in places Gabon, Equatorial New Guinea, Congo, and Cameroon, are considered part of the family known as the Old World Monkey, and eat mainly insects and fruits--a diet Timon and Pumba would appreciate. 3. Albino Zebra Perhaps one of the stranger things to lay eyes on is an albino zebra. We’re all so used to seeing zebras associated with just black and white stripes that when one lacks pigment, you start to see it more closely resemble a horse, which is startling at first. Instead of just become all white, albino zebras appear more golden and white sometimes, like this zebra. 2. Blue Lobsters Surely someone thought this looked photoshopped. Lobsters are more associated with appearing red or brown or even a dark green that seeing one that’s blue looks kind of alien. Blue lobsters are much rarer than lobsters of those more common colors, with the statistics being something like one a million in spotting a blue lobster and catching one. Just last year, two fishermen from Canada celebrating not one, but two blue lobsters near the coast of Nova Scotia. They were also probably celebrating since it’s said that catching a blue lobster is sign of good fortune. 1. Mandarin Fish Looking at these two mandarin fish swimming side by side can be a little trippy, so try not to stare at it too long. Their scientific name is “synchiropus splendidus”, with splendidus being Latin for glittering, an appropriate description. Mandarin fish are found mainly in the waters between Australia to the Ryukyu Islands of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re thinking of having one as a pet, however, do be aware that they’re notoriously difficult to take care of since they have super specific diets. It’s even hard for them to be kept in aquariums since a lot of mandarin fish find it difficult to ever adapt to captivity.

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