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May 15, 2017

17 Clothing Items That Should Never Have Been Made

From a three-headed bear outfit, to a disastrous outfit worn by the young Ashlee Simpson, here are 17 Clothing Items That Should Never Have Been Made. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 8. The Three Headed Bear Another pick from the runway. Again, there’s almost too many weird outfits to have mentioned that are considered outrageous and strange. But when it messes with the warm childhood memory of a beloved toy? That’s how an outfit ends up on this list. 7. Crocs Ever since these foam clogs were introduced to the world in 2002 at a boat show in Florida, it seems that Crocs are the go-to shoe that everyone loves to hate. Yet 15 years later, Crocs stores are still at your local mall and you still see people sacrificing dry feet and fashion for a pair of these apparently really comfy shoes that were supposed to more like boat shoes. Since then, some Crocs have evolved to look more like traditional shoes. Still, these duck-like atrocities still exist and still get bought. Hopefully the comfort is worth it. 6. The Holding Hands Coat The name sounds a lot more adorable and heartwarming than the actual coat looks. This actually looks less like holding hands and more like a strangulation device. Looks like there’s a cozy built in neck pillow, though. 5. Hairy Shoes by Zhu Tian (djoo tee-ann) Thankfully, these pair of nude, hairy pumps were made for the purpose of being a part of an art installation by artist Zhu Tian. But with the nature of fashion, would you really be that surprised if someone actually wore these out? Probably not. 4. These Nike Shoe Sandals If you’re low on money, like being creative, or just don’t want to go out and buy new clothes when you can repurpose the ones you have, that’s probably how sandals like these were born. Someone took it upon themselves to make some sandals out of a more or less ordinary looking pair of Nike sneakers and this is the result. It speaks for itself, really. Nike really does sell a line of sneaker sandals that look much nicer than these DIY ones. Maybe shell out the couple extra bucks for a pair instead of taking it upon yourself to make some. 3. Skirts Over Jeans If there ever was a more indecisive clothing choice, it was the trend of wearing skirts and dresses over jeans. And since it was the 2000s, they were of course flare jeans. Ellen Page might have been sporting on the look in the film Juno, but that doesn’t mean anyone else should--especially on the red carpet like Ashley Tisdale. 2. JNCO Jeans While the motto the acronym JNCO Jeans comes from is quite good advice, there’s definitely people judging you if you’re still donning a pair of these oversized jeans out on the street. We all know that 90s have been making a comeback into mainstream fashion since 2010 and onwards. Maybe we’ll see these parachute devices back in stores yet again sometime soon. 1. Ashlee Simpson’s Whole Outfit Sure, we could pluck a million other celebrities’ outfits that were worn from the 2000s and poke some fun at the way fashion was moving 10, 20 years ago. But to sum up the general feeling of what the style was back in the day for those too young to remember or for those who willingly forgot, this outfit worn by Ashlee SImpson pretty much sums up what we were working with as far as celebrity inspired outfits were concerned. First of all, while the t-shirt under spaghetti straps thing is back in, there’s still too many layers to count and you know this was a spring look. Does there need to be a second of all?

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