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May 15, 2017

Canister Filter Chaos 馃悷 Farewell Marineland Magnum

Canister Filter Chaos 馃悷 Farewell Marineland Magnum 馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷 Today we say goodbye to an old Marineland Magnum canister filter we picked up very cheaply at an aquarium auction. Unfortunately, some parts were missing and it started to leak when we attempted to set up the unit. This canister is discontinued so we can no longer get parts so we are saying farewell with a bang. We did get some entertainment in ensuring that this canister filter will never leak on another floor again. The Magnum canisters were known to be great units and I have heard of several still running today. The key is having all the necessary parts as they are no longer manufactured. Since we are out of options for fixing this aquarium canister filter, we are going to send it out in a memorable way. After cleaning up a mess from this canister unit leaking all over our floor, we are eager to see her go down in the ultimate epic canister filter destruction send off lin our own style. It is one way to stop a leaking canister All in all we did enjoy what we got out of our small investment and it's always nice to support an aquarium club through our auction purchases either way. We want to remind everyone to be responsible with firearms, they are not toys and should not be treated as such. Try to leave the land better than the way you found it.Be safe and respectful of the environment. 馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷 If you missed our first canister filter destruction video we had a similar issue with a very old Fluval unit. Link to that video is as follows: 馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷 Thanks for watching! Don't forget to smash subscribe :) 馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷馃悷

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