Chickens Foraging Socializing and nothing else, enjoy. Nature Sounds|Seabed Abysmal z35W7z4v9z8w

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May 15, 2017

Chickens Foraging Socializing and nothing else, enjoy. Nature Sounds

Chickens foraging in the woods and wherever they choose to go. Free Range means that chickens choose how they spend their days. They return to their coop structures off and on throughout the day. Each micro-flock has their own roosters with them. Roosters defend the hens and help find food as well as warn others when there is a predator on the ground or in the air. We have been free ranging chickens since 1999 and receive free fertilization, organic insect control, no spider webs around the foundation, small rodent removal, bird seed cleanup and an animated landscape. If you must pen your chickens, I understand, not every location is safe enough for chickens to range, I know that my birds are very fortunate to receive the protection of a flock of crows and our trusty dog. They return to their coops on their own and are locked up secure each night. Enjoy watching and listening.

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