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May 14, 2017

No Maintenance Aquarium Update- Your Momma (my momma) and No Maintenance Fish tank

No Maintenance tank gets some aquarium maintenance in this video. I also love aquariums as you can tell and talk about My Mom (today is mothers day as this is released) I do some basic maintenance the first 12 minutes or so, at 13 Minutes I talk about my Mom and the many fishtank stories, then I give you FIVE Tips for getting more outta your parents with your Aquariums. LAST DAY For Buy One GET ONE FREE: (Ask your momma :) Subscribe Most Recent Video Most Popular Video Facebook: Instagram: Support your Boy- Check out my aquarium plants for sale: Popular Video Playlists No Maintenance Aquarium Playlist: Insane German Fish Store: Koi and Pond Playlist: INSANE Fish Room Tours: Fish Tank People Social Community I wanna show you the No Maintenance Tank and give you an update, but it’s Sunday, It’s species Sunday, special Mother’s day edition on a species near and dear to my heart. Ok. Let’s real it on back. So as kid at the always addictive age of about 14 I really started to get into the fishtank hobby. I was a hustler back then and used to have a paper route. (Do these even exist anymore?) Yep- I was balling out making $50 bucks a week….all of which went entirely to my fishtank hobby. Guess who would get up with me and help me fold papers when I needed help? My Mom. Guess who didn’t get to read her newspaper in the mornings if I was a paper short? My Mom. But the fishtank hobby really started for me when my mom would go grocery shopping at Meijers. It was my mother who let me run rampit in the fishtank ailse while she bought us groceries. I remember one time I was gone so long they had to page me over the PA System. “Could Dustin please come to register 4 please Dustin to register 4” I can tell you exactly where I was standing and how I fit it down into the shopping cart. It was my Mom who fueled the flame of this great hobby. But the Momma fishtank hobby doesn’t stop there. Findlay is the middle of BFE Ohio so to go shopping, we hit up the Franklin Park mall in Toledo. To me, at the time, Toledo was a fishtank Meca. There was a pet supplies plus within walking distance from the Mall. Peace out Mom. I’ll meet you in the food court at noon, I’ve got fish to check out. I recall on time spending what seemed like two hours at a shop where my mom waited and I think spotted me a few bucks while I negotiated a mega deal on both a polypterus senagalis and a rope fish along with some other stuff And in perhaps one of my Mom’s finest fishtank fueling moments. She willingly took me to an elite petshop in a remote part of Toledo. It was at this place where she purchased for me one of my favorite tanks. A 40 Tall as a birthday present. What was extra cool is she took note of some great rocks I was drooling over and purchased them on the sly while I had my face glued to a fishtank about to buy some legit angle fish. It was my mom who put up with about 20 gallons of fishtank water dripping from my “Massive 29 gallon” directly on to the kitchen table, which was my first real lesson in how siphons work…. The Fishtank obsession rolled into the college years when my mom helped deliver my 55 gallon Pirhana tank down to OU. It was also my Mom who lent me her wonder Pontiac transport Mini van so I could fetch my first every planted tank, the Afore mentioned 40 tall which had 40 neons in it and the 29 gallon which was setup with cichlids when the frat house burnt to a nice crisp the first of my two senior years. This video is out on Mother’s day folks. Call your mother, but before I Iet your go I want to give you youngsters some practical tips on working with your Mom and Dad to get more fishtanks or a bigger one. 1. Show you can take care of it yourself. If your parents are having to do the work, they aren’t going to be inclined to add more tanks to your collection as it just means more work for them 2. CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. Yep- pick your stuff up, if you spill water on the floor. Ok- so WHEN you spill water on the floor, CLEAN IT UP FAST and don’t use her good towel. 3. If you rinse gravel in the bath tub she is going to know- Scrub the tub when you are done. 4. Find a way to parrellel what you want out of the hobby with what your mom or parents want to do. For Example. The Aquatic Experience is Shaumberg Il this year. I hear these is fantastic shopping close by. (I know there is an American Girl doll store near by as well) It’s a Win- You get to check out a sweet fishtank show, while Momma gets to go shopping! 5. Bring your own money to the negotiating table when you want something from your Mom or parents.

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