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May 18, 2017

Planted Aquarium Design- Aquascaping Contest New York 2017

Planted Aquarium Design with a little bit of an Aquascaping Contest. Yes- Freshwater aquarium people inside of a Saltwater Show! Its with great pleasure for me to talk about the up coming FRESH FEST happening June 24th and 25th at the Meadowlands New Jersey smack dab in the middle of an Entirely Saltwater show. Reef a Palooza New York. Subscribe Most Recent Video Most Popular Video Facebook: Instagram: Support your Boy- Check out my aquarium plants for sale: Popular Video Playlists No Maintenance Aquarium Playlist: Insane German Fish Store: Koi and Pond Playlist: Let me start by saying that this show, in this location with these people has a special energy to it. I’m not a Saltwater Guy at all but I’m friend with Lou and Vic at World Wide Corals… the guy who run this show and I can tell you they are on to something. I have been to this show every year since it started and have had a great time each year… I wanted to be involved with it….But I also want to represent my Freshwater Fish Tank People!!... Last year was my chance and we had our first ever FRESH FEST Smack Dab in the middle of a saltwater show. First – It always feels fantastic to see – IN PERSON- some of the people who watch my channel. You are more than YT comments and some text characters that I read on my phone. I say this about every 10 videos or so, sometimes I feel like I live in a fish bowl or bubble, I get to get out of the bubble! Second- The response from People who had never seen my channel at all coming up and saying, oh man, I love freshwater, it totally doesn’t get enough love thanks for doing that. Third- The Aquascaping Contest! I’m gonna get on my soap box for a minute and just break it down for you like this from an extremely HIGH LEVEL. Personal Creativity is a gift from GOD. The Ability to create something- anything- a painting, a poem, a song, whatever kind of thing you are into DO IT. I happen to be into fish tanks. The Fact that I can rant infront of a camera about something I am passionate about and entertain people is a gift from a higher power. Here’s where it gets even more fun. Being able to create a place and environment where others can show off their OWN PERSON STYLE AND CREATIVITY IS AMAZING….. Yes folks, it’s time to do it again. And Thanks to our Friends at JBJ and the German Juggernaut of Aquarium plants, Dennerle we are having yet another AQUASCAPING CONTEST Smack in the middle of a Saltwater show. YES- Folks, It’s time to bring it to you all again. NOTE: While this an Aquascaping CONTEST. I’d like for it to be thought of more as a pick up game of basketball. A friendly if you will. Yes there is a winner. Only one- no second place...more on the details later… Rather than focusing on “Who’s gonna win” I’d like for this to be considered more of a “Celebration of the Planted Tank” I’m going to quote the father of Modern Aquascaping here, the late “Takashi Amano” “Creating Nature is the ultimate luxury” Straight up. It’s all about people just showing off THEIR STYLE- Their own unique gift to the world. THIS SHOULDN’T BE JUDGED! This should be bellowed like the flame of a fire, not put out by someone being upset that they didn’t win Aquascaping is not black and white, winner or loser. Its about self expression. What I like, or you might totally hate and that’s ok. Do your tanks for you! Do what YOU LIKE! Go do what moves you. Don’t worry about what I judge would think. I know a lady who won a contest two years in a row but didn’t the third year and was upset about it, writing a sad FB message from a rest stop on here way back. I know another great Aquascaper who I have a man crush on who actually had the thoughts in his head of what Karen Randal would think and how she would judge his work! (Karen has done tremendous things for the hobby- that’s not a shot at her. It’s a shot at the Aquascaper for letting something get in his creative way) I said it earlier- CREATIVITY IS A GIFT FROM GOD. Do not worry about what others think. Do not concern yourself if it won’t work, or if you’ll get a thumbs down. Focus on the joy and losing track of time as you are in a creative FLOW. Have you ever been working on your fishtank and lost yourself in it, only to look up and see that two hours have past? THAT’S THE FLOW. It’s about self expression. It’s not winner or loser, everyone is a winner who is willing to step up to the plate a produce something. In the words of the genius Seth Godin. Do Art. Stand up and SAY “I MADE THIS” …Steve Jobs said- REAL ARTISTS SHIP! So yes. We are having an Aquascaping Contest.

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