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Spectacular abyssal creatures of the sea .Discover deep ocean creatures.

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May 19, 2017

Honey Bee Nursery a Peak Inside the Hive eggs, pupae, pollen, nectar

Observing honey bees tending to the nursery with stored pollen, nectar and honey bees in all stages of development. If you look closely, you can see the larvae breathing. Nurse bees attending to the brood up close. Share what you see in the comments and Happy Friday!

“Stargate” mentioned in “Iraq War Logs” leaked by Chelsea Manning before imprisonment

United States Marine Corps squads labeled as 'Stargate teams' during Iraq war Source: Read here: Follow us on facebook:

This Family's Daughter Can't Sleep In Her Own Bed, For All The Cat Pee | My Cat From Hell

#MyCatFromHell | Saturdays at 8/7c Zachary is a social, affectionate cat with that sprays urine all over the place. With a 2-year-old girl in the picture, Jackson has to figure out what is setting this cat off before anyone gets sick. Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Animal Planet GO: More from Jackson Galaxy: Subscribe to Animal Planet: Join us on Facebook: Follow Animal Planet on Twitter:

Guide Dog Puppy Learns To Climb Big Stairs | Smudge's Journey Ep 19 | The Dodo

Love Animals? Subscribe: Smudge, the 18­-week-old guide dog in training is learn­ing how to use an el­evator and climb a BIG set of stairs *Previously Recorded Live* Love animals? Watch more videos from The Dodo: Subscribe to The Dodo channel: Follow The Dodo! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Watch us on Snapchat Discover: Love our Instagram: For the love of animals. Pass it on.

Cyber Attacks Are the Perfect Trigger for a Stock Market Crash

The world has been stunned over the past few days by the advent of “Ransomware;” the use of sophisticated cyber attacks on vital systems in order to (supposedly) extort capital from target businesses and institutions. I am always highly suspicious whenever a large scale cyber incident occurs, primarily because the manner in which these events are explained to the public does not begin to cover certain important realities. For example, the mainstream media rarely if ever discusses the fact that many digital systems are deliberately designed to be vulnerable. Software and internet corporate monoliths have long been cooperating with the NSA through programs like PRISM to provide government agencies backdoor access to computer systems worldwide. Edward Snowden vindicated numerous “conspiracy theorists” in 2013 with his comprehensive data dumps, exposing collusion between corporations and the NSA including Microsoft, Skype, Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo. And make no mistake, nothing has changed since then. Learn More: Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: My Other Youtube Channel- B Rich: Erick M: ToBeFree: EnterThe5t4rz:

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